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Immigration from the Philippines

U.S. Embassy in the Philippines
1201 Roxas Boulevard
Ermita 1000
Manila, Philippines


DDC works with hundreds of Philippines immigration clients every year. We have the expertise and experience needed to provide accurate, reliable DNA testing to support clients trying to immigrate to the United States from the Philippines.

Please read the sections below to learn:

  • Why DNA parentage testing is sometimes needed in immigration cases from the Philippines, and how DDC can help
  • How to initiate an immigration DNA test with DDC
  • Useful information about the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines


DNA Testing and Immigration to the United States

During the immigration application process, a petitioner may be requested to supply additional evidence of a claimed family relationship. To obtain this evidence, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) center or U.S. embassy may suggest DNA testing, which has become recognized around the world as the most accurate and definitive method of verifying biological relationships.

The USCIS center or U.S. embassy may or may not suggest a specific laboratory to perform the DNA testing. DDC can provide the DNA testing services you need.

Our credentials and experience show that we can be trusted to carefully handle the DNA testing for your immigration case.


Immigration DNA Testing from DDC

To initiate an immigration DNA test with DDC, please call our dedicated Immigration Department at +1-513-881-7800 (outside the United States) or 1-800-613-5768 (toll-free, within the United States). We will provide a free consultation to help you determine which DNA testing service is most appropriate for your needs.

For an overview of the DNA testing portion of the immigration process, please review our flowchart. If you have any questions about the process, please call us at the numbers above or submit your questions using our online form. We have foreign language speakers on staff to assist you if needed.


Useful Information for Immigrants from the Philippines

The following are useful pieces of information regarding immigration to the United States from the Philippines.

Website of U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines:

Contacting the Immigrant Visa Unit:
Immigrant Visa Unit Telephone: 1-909-101-7878
The call center of the Immigration Visa Unit is available between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (Philippine Time). The call center assesses a fee for its services.

Immigrant Visa Unit Fax: (632) 338-4129

Mailing address from the Philippines:
Chief, Immigrant Visa Branch
United States Embassy
1201 Roxas Boulevard
Ermita 1000

Mailing address from the United States:
Chief, Immigrant Visa Branch
PSC 500, Box 26
FPO AP 96515-1000 USA

DDC Immigration Team

(outside the U.S.)

(toll-free, within the U.S.)


Contact us using our online form

Paternity Test

$475 testing fee
Results: 3 working days
99.9% probability of paternity

Maternity Test

$475 testing fee
Results: 3 working days
99.9% probability of maternity

Other DNA Tests


Certified Quality Testing

U.S. Embassy in the Philippines

(632) 528-6300

(632) 523-1356

Embassy Website

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