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Affordable Local DNA Testing

DNA Diagnostics Center has served the U.S. and locations around the world since 1995. The tests available in and around Houston have been recommended by hospitals, doctors, and even popular TV shows, such as Maury and Dr. Phil. From simple paternity tests to evidence in high-profile cases, DDC's results are 100% accurate, and are completed in as little as one day.

Also, clients can expect the following benefits:

All samples are tested 2x, assuring the results are accurate.

Sample pickup and delivery are coordinated by DDC's experts.

Free telephone consultations

Test procedures are in concordance with AABB regulations and the U.S. Department of State. In fact, DDC's testing laboratory has been accredited by the AABB.

Easy Access to Our Services

DNA test consultants are on hand to take your call. They can assess your needs and determine the most suitable test. A vast network of collection sites enables clients around the world to have easy access to our services. It is also the most affordable access to DNA testing you'll find. We offer:

Individual DNA Testing

Family DNA Testing

Intrastate Family DNA Testing

Paternity DNA Testing - even while pregnant

Maternity DNA Testing

Court Ordered DNA Testing

Relationship DNA Testing - between any petitioner and beneficiary

Prenatal paternity tests are non-invasive. Being easy and hassle free, these are viable even by the 9th week of pregnancy, eliminating the guesswork early on.

We maintain a large network of collection sites throughout the U.S., so even clients in different states are provided with the most reliable and swift service. This means petitioners and beneficiaries can be located either within or near Houston and elsewhere in the United States.

Review the local resources on our site to determine collection locations by zip code. There are over 2,500 pickup locations within the continental United States. Call 1-800-613-5768 to speak with a consultant about test options and to arrange the most convenient location to collect samples.

Fast Results: Online Access in 1 Day

#1 Recommended: By Hospitals and TV

100% Accuracy: Legal Samples Tested 2X

Free Consultation: 1-800-613-5768

Call 1-800-613-5768 for Paternity DNA Testing locations in Houston near you.

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AABB Certified Immigration Testing

DDC is an AABB accredited laboratory that can coordinate all DNA sample collections regardless of location. For immigration testing, there are guidelines issued by the US Department of State and AABB that require an AABB laboratory to coordinate the entire DNA testing process. >Go to Immigration Page

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DNA Paternity Testing

DDC offers a variety of DNA Paternity Testing options for every situation:

Legal: Legally Admissible Results

Home Strictly for Peace of Mind

Prenatal: Non-Invasive Testing Available


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