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DNA Profiling
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DNA Profiling

Our DNA profiling service allows individuals to obtain a record of their genetic profile—a unique combination of 16 markers found in their DNA that serves as a permanent genetic ID. Organizations and private individuals choose to obtain records of their DNA profiles in case identification is ever needed, as in the following examples:

  • Future paternity tests in case of claims on a person's estate
  • To provide a standard for comparison and identification of people in high-risk professions, such as men and women in the military, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, and overseas contractors
  • To assist with the identification of missing persons
  • To give clues about the trail of a missing loved one

Sample Collection
DNA samples may be collected either by a trained professional using the Chain of Custody procedure, or privately (self-collection) using our DNA Collection Kit. The Chain of Custody Collection allows you to use the DNA profile in a legal proceeding, such as child support and Social Security benefit claims. We will coordinate DNA sample collection at one of our local, convenient collection sites.

DNA samples may be self-collected if you are using the DNA profile for personal reasons only, and do not intend to use it for any legal purpose. If you choose private collection, we will send you an easy-to-use DNA collection kit with detailed instructions and a postage-paid envelope for shipping your samples back to our laboratory.

Testing Fees
The fee for a Chain of Custody DNA profile is $280 per individual. This fee includes appointment coordination, sample collection and shipping, DNA testing to produce the profile, and delivery of results. The private DNA profiling fee is $195. This fee includes the cost of the DNA collection kit, shipping of samples to the laboratory, DNA testing, and delivery of results.

Optional DNA Banking
You may elect to take advantage of our DNA banking service without any additional charge if you order a DNA profile. We will store a sample of the tested individual’s DNA in a safe, secure facility for 15 years—in case the DNA sample is ever needed for additional testing.

Test Procedures
In the test, the individual’s DNA is extracted and purified. The DNA is then combined with 16 different DNA primers that target specific locations (loci) in the DNA molecule for amplification. The DNA segments at these loci are called markers, because they serve as identifying marks for individuals.

The DNA-primer mix goes through heating and cooling cycles to amplify the markers in a molecular xeroxing process known as the Polymerase Chain Reaction. Once the markers are amplified, they are detected by sensitive instrumentation, which determines the marker sizes at each DNA locus tested.

Each DNA locus is comprised by two alleles, or copies, of the marker—one inherited from the mother and one inherited from the father. Thus, the DNA profile report, also called a DNA typing report, will typically list two marker sizes for each locus. The combination of sizes for the 16 markers represents a DNA profile that is unique for that individual (see example below for 3 markers).

  Locus Allele Sizes
1 D8S1179 13, 14
2 THO1 7, 9.3
3 CSF1PO 10, 11

Order a Test
For a free consultation about using our DNA profiling service, or to order a DNA profile, please call 1-800-613-5768.


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DNA Test Fee

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