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Sample Collection
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Sample Collection

Samples for a DNA test are routinely collected using the painless and simple buccal swab—similar to a cotton-tipped swab, but made of the special material Dacron®. The swab is rubbed against the inside cheek of the test participant, and loose cheek cells adhere to the swab. Unlike regular cotton swabs, Dacron® provides a consistent surface for sample collection and DNA extraction.

Samples are collected using a chain of custody documentation process that ensures your results will be accepted by courts and other government agencies. Part of this process requires that a neutral third-party, such as a local laboratory or hospital, collect your samples. When you come to the sample collection appointment, you will be asked to do the following to meet the chain of custody requirements:

  • Present government-issued identification for the adults
  • Present one of the following for minors: birth certificate or social security card
  • Complete a Client Identification and Consent Form (the minor’s consent form should be signed by the legal guardian)

We have the largest network of collection sites in the U.S., and you are assured of convenient sample collection appointments close to your work or home. We also have extensive affiliations with laboratories worldwide for international sample collections.

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