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Forensic Paternity

Criminal situations can often call for forensic paternity testing, especially in cases where there are products of conception, such as rape or incest. In addition, forensic paternity tests as well as other family relationship tests could be used to identify missing victims or suspects through their family members who are available for testing.

Unmatched Quality and Efficiency
DDC is the world's largest private paternity testing laboratory, and because of this, our forensic paternity tests are unmatched in quality and efficiency. Our laboratory's numerous accreditations include certifications by AABB (formerly the American Association of Blood Banks), the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board, and ACLASS Accreditation Services for ISO 17025 compliance.

Strict Sample Processing
Our laboratory is able and well-equipped to process different sample types, including blood and fetal tissue samples and DNA samples collected by buccal swabs. Our staff handles every sample with a strict chain of custody, and every piece of DNA evidence is tested twice for complete accuracy. DDC's proprietary Dual Process™ allows us to check each DNA sample against its source records at each step of the DNA test.

Definitive Results
Forensic paternity test results from DDC exceed most courts’ requirements, particularly in terms of the power of discrimination. For difficult cases, we can perform extended testing and statistical analysis in addition to the 13 core CODIS loci required by the FBI. We can also use specialized tests such as mtDNA and Y-STR typing to supplement paternity test results as well. Our in-depth experience in family relationship and paternity testing helps us to address unique genetic situations such as mutations and uncommon familial relationships.

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