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Native American DNA Banking & Profiling Services

Our DNA Banking and Allele Analysis services allow you to preserve your tribe’s genetic history and identity. We offer this service to private individuals and organizations who want to prepare for the unexpected and protect their families’ future. This service is particularly valuable for those working in high-risk professions such as construction and aviation. For Native American tribes, DNA Banking and Allele Analysis is an excellent way to secure your tribe’s future by preparing for enrollment claims long after the current tribal members are gone.

Our approach at DDC is to offer tribes a tool to prepare for the future by creating a tribe-specific database of DNA profiles of existing members. This way, your tribe has a ready resource if an applicant requests a DNA test to prove a biological relationship with a tribal member. This database is particularly useful if the applicant’s supposed relative has passed away—the tribal member’s DNA information is preserved for generations to come.

Our DNA Banking and Allele Analysis services can be used either by private individuals seeking to ensure their families' future security, or by a whole tribe seeking to preserve their genetic history and prepare for future enrollment claims. In each case, testing is completely confidential to protect the individual's or the tribe's privacy.

DNA Banking
In our DNA Banking service, we collect the DNA samples and store them in our environmentally controlled, secure facility for 15 years (renewable at the end of 15 years). Upon request by authorized persons, stored specimens can be tested to determine identity and family relationships. If an entire tribe has chosen to have its members' DNA samples banked and someone makes an enrollment claim, the stored samples of the supposed relatives can be selectively tested along with samples from the person making the claim to determine relatedness. No other testing will be performed, and no information will be released, unless otherwise authorized by the tribe. 

DNA Allele Analysis
In our DNA Allele Analysis service, we test the DNA samples using 16 DNA markers to create a record of the individual's genetic profile. This information can be valuable to a private individual and his/her family. A tribe can also use this service to develop a comprehensive base of genetic information by performing a confidential DNA test on each member of the tribe. Test results are not shared with anyone. The results are simply archived to prepare for the possibility of future claims of enrollment. When enrollment claims occur, the test results from previously tested parties will be analyzed against the enrolling party to determine if a biological relationship exists. This service helps to resolve future claims for enrollment quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.