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Native American Parentage Testing

A parentage test is the most-often used DNA test for enrollment. This test determines whether a tribal member could be the biological father or mother of a child. We all inherit our DNA from our biological parents. A parentage test compares an enrollee’s DNA pattern with that of the tribal member (the alleged parent) to check for evidence of this inheritance—the most definitive proof of a biological relationship.

DDC’s parentage test is of the highest quality in the industry. Our laboratory ensures this by:

  • Running each test twice, following the most stringent procedures to guarantee accurate and conclusive results.
  • Completing testing in 3 working days.
  • Following a strict Chain of Custody to ensure results are legally admissible.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of each case using strict communication protocols.
  • Scheduling convenient appointments close to your location through our comprehensive network of collection sites.

Tested Parties
A standard parentage test includes the child, the alleged father or mother, and the other parent. For example, a person seeking enrollment wants to prove that a tribal member is his/her biological father. A DNA paternity test will show whether or not this tribal member has contributed to the child’s DNA. Since we inherit half of our DNA from our mother and half from our father, the mother’s participation is also encouraged to help account for the other half of the child’s DNA. However, participation of the mother is not required for conclusive results. A motherless paternity test can be performed in situations where the mother cannot be tested, for example, if she is no longer living or if she declines to participate.

Chain of Custody Process
We use a Chain of Custody documentation process that ensures your results will be accepted by courts and other government agencies. Tribal councils also accept our reports as reliable and trustworthy. DDC has performed over 300,000 paternity tests since it started over a decade ago, and our reports are the most recognized nationwide.