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Avoid the Rush

There are ways to correct the paternity establishment form, if you have listed the wrong man as the father. You usually have time to rescind your paternity agreement if you believe that the father listed is not, in fact, the biological father. Even still, the unknown should not be an excuse to rush the signing of a paternity affidavit. A DNA paternity test should be performed anytime there is a question about paternity.

Even though the mistake can be corrected, you shouldn’t feel rushed into naming the father of your child.

Be prepared and educated about your options, before you enter the hospital to give birth, so that when a hospital representative of the state comes to you with questions about your child’s paternity, you will be prepared.

Laws vary from state to state on this issue. To find out about the laws in your state, you can contact the Department of Social Services, the Department of Child Welfare, or a lawyer.

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