Can I get a paternity test while pregnant?

One of the questions we hear most often is —“Can I get a paternity test while I’m pregnant?”

The answer is YES.

There are various reasons for wanting to know the answer as soon as possible. Certainly, peace of mind throughout the rest of the pregnancy is reason. A DNA test confirming paternity may pave the way for legal and medical benefits for a child born to unmarried parents.

A child’s DNA profile is set at conception and does not change. Therefore, a DNA test can be done before you give birth by using cell samples taken by an OB-GYN. These samples are collected either from the liquid or the membrane surrounding the developing fetus.

The sampling process, which is the same process used for prenatal screening for disorders and hereditary diseases, carry risks that you should discuss with your physician. If you do not have an OB-GYN, we have a referral service that could help you find an OB-GYN for your prenatal paternity test.

Once the cell samples are sent to our laboratory, we can perform the DNA paternity test using cheek swab samples from the mother and possible father.

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